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Campervan Hire in Tasmania

Campervan Hire in Tasmania

You can overnight anywhere that is not signposted to the contrary.

You got the best deal by comparing Campervan Hire in Tasmania prices and features on  You have just arrived at the Hobart Airport and collected your Campervan. Rather than driving into Hobart, let’s head out of town to the Tasman Peninsula.
I have chosen the Eaglehawk Neck, Port Arthur area because is has some great beaches, wonderful coastal scenery and excellent forests to explore. Here are the directions for the drive to the Tasman Peninsula.
Campervan Hire in Tasmania Eaglehawk Neck
As a base camp, I would suggest Eaglehawk Neck for two or three nights. The beach is wonderful, there is a pub handy, and it is only a 20 minute drive to Port Arthur, Remarkable Cave and Fortescue Bay. The coastal cliff formations stretching south from Eaglehawk Neck are truly astounding.
The walks along the clifftops are well fenced and very safe – treat yourself to some of the finest coastal scenery in the world.
Take the Tasman Island Cruise to see the cliffs at sea level and to get up close to dolphins, the Great Southern Albatross and more seals than you thought could fit onto a rock ledge.
Campervan Hire in Tasmania Port Arthur Historic Site
Port Arthur. 
The Port Arthur Historic Site, the best reconstruction of convict life in early Australia, is well worth a visit.  If you like scary stuff, take in the Ghost Tour as well one evening.
If you are really into coastal walks, the half day trek from Fortescue Bay to Cape Huay will get you up close and personal with the Great Southern Ocean – the sea cliffs are 300 meters high, rising from the deep ocean, and are riddled with caves and arches.
For some excellent coastal walking, the return walk to Cape Huay from Fortescue Bay can be completed in about 4 hours but to do justice to the scenery and the bush it is a good idea to allow a longer period and perhaps enjoy a picnic lunch at the Cape itself.  The walk provides magnificent views of the coast together with high cliffs and spectacular rock formations.
Campervan Hire in Tasmania Remarkable Cave

Remarkable Cave.Just to the south of the Port Arthur Historic Site, the road ends in spectacular fashion.  The cliffs, the walks and the access to the wild coastline is truly remarkable and it is well worth the hour or so it takes to drive down, take the walks and drive back.
From Port Arthur, stay on the C347 and drive the 5 Kms (3 miles) to the Remarkable Cave car park.  It is also worth taking the side road to the left as you come to the Caves car park to visit the blowhole and for views across the Southern Ocean to Tasman Island.
There is nothing between you and Antarctica here except a few small islands and a lot of water.
The Tasman Peninsula will give you a great look at Tassie’s amazing history and coastal scenery. A great way to experience it is with Campervan Hire in Tasmania.


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    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I'm sure your family will have a great time - there's so much to see and do!

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