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Where to see the Tasmanian Devil

Where to See the Tasmanian Devil

Sarcophilus harrisii

The Tasmanian Devil is a nocturnal scavenger only found in the wild in Tasmania. Usually coming out at night,  it is difficult to see in the wild.

Where to see the Tasmanian Devil

There are a number of stories about how it got its name and ferocious reputation. When I was a lad growing up and camping out in the Tassie bush, we would often be woken in the middle of the night by an incredible howling and hissing. We never found the source of the noise, but were told it was Tasmanian Devils fighting over food.
The first settlers in Tasmania in the early 1800s heard the same sounds in the night. It is said they were more creative and said there was a “Devil in the bush”.
The Devil eats dead animal carcasses – it rarely kills for itself – and is almost entirely a meat eater, crunching up the bones and leaving almost nothing but hooves and horns. It really is “Nature’s dead animal vacuum cleaner”.
So, if they are hard to find, how do you find where to see the Tasmanian Devil, alive and kicking? The best place to see the Tasmanian Devil live and up close is in one of the excellent Animal parks in Tasmania.
Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park – Taranna, Tasman Peninsula.
One of the best in Tasmania. Situated on the Tasman Peninsula near Port Arthur.
Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park
Full-Day Tasman Peninsula Tour from Hobart (Includes Devil Park)
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary – Near Hobart
Where to see the Tasmanian Devil
Just north of Hobart, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary has an interactive Tasmanian Devil Pen.
It also features a great Koala display and wallabies, kangaroos and emus in an open range environment.
Hand feed the local wildlife. Make sure to be there for the presentation by the resident wildlife expert
Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
Bonorong Wildlife Park, Derwent River Cruise and Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour from Hobart
Trowunna Wildlife Park – Mole Creek – Near Deloraine
About 30 minutes drive to the west of Launceston. You can stop in either coming or going to Cradle Mountain.
Trowunna Wildlife Park
Devils@Cradle – Wildlife Park at Cradle Mountain
The Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary at Cradle Mountain. Guided, interactive tours.
East Coast Natureworld – Bicheno
Tasmanian Devils and a particularly good Bird Display.150 acres of natural parklands and lagoons.
East Coast Natureworld

While this list is not everywhere you can see the Tasmanian Devil, the places I have mentioned offer a quality experience and are located near places you will probably be visiting while in Tassie.
More Information: > Tasmanian Devil – Wikipedia


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