Friday, November 27, 2015

Tasmania Self Drive Package - 8 Day/7 Night

New 8 Day/7 Night Self Drive Packages for Tasmania!

Wilderness & Beaches…History and Nature Walks…NEW 7 Night Packages ready to go that include accommodations, rental vehicle, entrances to places like Port Arthur, MONA and boat excursions to Wineglass Bay (since you might not want to do the 3 hour hike!). Stay at Cradle Mountain, and finally, take a cruise on the Gordon River. In style. Spend time on Tasmania’s east coast to enjoy the crystal blue waters of Freycinet and spend time at Friendly Beaches.

There are 2 Packages ready to go – first one called Wilderness & Beaches has you arriving at either the Hobart Airport or Launceston Airport (we’ll check your dates to be sure you don’t miss the Hobart Saturday Salamanca Market, if interested). If the wilderness is driving you, then land at Launceston Airport and you’re in position to stay at Cradle Mountain and then move on to Tasmania’s west coast – where ocean beach is a great example of cool temperate beaches – the crashing waves reminds you that you are in the path of the roaring “40’s.”

You’ll walk through the wilderness path in Mt Field National Park and experience the man ferns, huge swamp gums and Russell Falls, one of Australia’s most spectacular wilderness waterfalls….and it’s only 20 minutes from the carpark!

The second package, History and Nature Walks, has more time in Hobart and Port Arthur to study the history of the convicts and get the real story on transportation to all of Australia. The Port Arthur Historic Site has been restored beautifully and is now a major example of how life was for the Convicts in the mid 1800’s. There are loads of walks, especially on the Tasman Peninsula near Port Arthur that will show you some of the most amazing ocean views and cliff top vistas out over the Tasman Sea. The Sydney to Hobart yachts turn around the end of the Tasman Peninsula for the final run up to the finish line in Hobart.
Both Packages include a Wineglass Bay nature cruise with lunch and while at Freycinet, visit a vineyard, a marine farm and Kate’s Berry Farm to check out the local wine and food. Obviously, seafood is at it’s best on Tasmania’s East Coast.

A night is included in Launceston, Tasmania’s major northern city where you can visit the Tamar Valley wineries in their spectacular valley hillside locations. Walks in the Cataract Gorge at Launceston provide a unique experience in local wilderness right in the heart of a major city.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

10 Days in Australia - Splitting Up Your Time

You really want to go to experience all that wonderful wildlife, but you only have 10 days to do it. You can stretch an extra day or two to cover the travel time and give you 10 days on the ground Downunder, but that’s about it.

So…how do you decide where to go, and for how long?  You see the packaged tours and they are usually too long and miss something that you really want to do. Customise your Trip instead.

It is usually a bit rushed to try and spend less than 3 days in a particular location, so saying you want to visit Sydney, the Reef, Tasmania and Kangaroo Island in the 10 day span is pretty counter productive. You will get to know a lot about Australian airports. Remember, Australia is about the same size as the continental U.S.A. Splitting your time up too much results in flitting from point to point without getting to really see it.

Work with a Travel Planner on  There are two levels of of trips – Deluxe and Budget. The real difference between the two is the level of the hotel and the offerings of small group trips versus seat in coach day tours. In the deluxe arena, there are private driver/guides for a few 4 Wheel Drive trips to get you away from the coaches. So, you can stay at a lower level hotel, and put the money in going off the beaten track. Or, you can stay in better hotels and take the coach trips.

It is a good idea for a first trip to include Sydney and the Reef – your third place to visit can be decided by whether your interests are in wildlife, cities, wilderness walking or zip lining in the wilderness type activities. The experiences are in different locations and a Travel Planner knows how to mix them in to your final trip so you’ve included everything what you want. This is how you do not waste time unnecessarily.

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