Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fly to Australia – Sometimes cheap is not the least expensive.

You’re ready to fly Downunder and you start looking at websites and see some pretty good prices.  The fine print will tell you the date period and you then type in the dates you can actually go, and the price almost doubles.  Ouch.
There is a trick to this, and the answer is routing.  While flights generally fly to Australia from Los Angeles to Sydney, you do have options from and into other cities!  You must be careful grabbing what looks to be the cheapest flight online as you may end up routing through New Zealand or even Korea!  Your time is valuable and you want to land and start seeing those kangaroos as soon as possible.

Have a look on and click on Air Travel to get some help on how you might fly Downunder.  You can depart from Dallas and even Vancouver BC if you live in the northwest U.S, and, starting Dec. 15, you can fly into Sydney nonstop from San Francisco!
You need not land into Sydney – you might want to fly into Brisbane and start your trip enjoying the Great Barrier Reef.  You can exit Sydney back to the U.S.  The options are there and if you check out you will find our fairly quickly if there are air specials and what routing works for you on the dates you wish to travel.
If you’re into Tennis, you can fly directly into Melbourne You can enjoy the Reef on your way out and maybe fly Brisbane back to the U.S.  To customise your Vacation to include Tennis, be sure to visit and get help from an Aussie Travel Planner.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Australia: Day Tours – Help to know what’s better

Day Tours, Half Day Tours, Multi Day Tours.  Where to start?  And what tour do you choose so you know you are on the ‘better’ tour?
To take the confusion out of choosing Tours, get a large piece of paper and write out each area, such as Sydney, Cairns Barrier Reef, Melbourne, Kangaroo Island, for instance.
If you have 3 days in Sydney, block in a Half Day Tour on arrival.  How about a Sydney Harbour Cruise?   On Day 2, write in a morning Bridge Climb Tour of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  In the afternoon on Day 2, write in a Sydney Sailing Trip.  On Day 3, choose from the Blue Mountains or Bondi Beach. 
You now have Sydney ready to go.  Go to and click on Tours and you’ll see Sydney.  You can now choose your tours, book online, and you’re in great shape!
Repeat this for Cairns Barrier Reef.  Be sure to include the Full Day Tour on a Reef Trip, and book easily online a Half Day Hot Air Balloon, or Rafting on the Tully River.
Multi Day Tours are available on the Reef in the Whitsundays.  You can sleep onboard a sailing boat and have the most time to snorkel and dive.  Even if you do not wish to get in the water, the cruises are available with glass bottom boats and ample beach time to just relax.
Daintree Rainforest
Full Day trips to the Daintree Rainforest from Cairns are a must and you should always book this ahead online at    Easy to book, immediate confirmation, and at the best prices.
Kangaroo Island has a few options and you will fly into Adelaide before flying on to K.I. as the locals call it.  Your best option is to not self drive on Kangaroo Island and to join any one of the Day Trips that you can book online at The 4 Wheel Drive guides will pick you up at your hotel, and drop you back after seeing all of the wildlife in the wild.

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