Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sydney - Such a City - A First Timer's Journey

As the plane banks over Sydney for the run into landing, other first time visitors crane their necks to glimpse the harbour, the Opera House and the Bridge. If you are arriving from overseas, the long flight is over and the adrenalin is flowing. Sydney has come a long way since the first settlers ended their six month journey from Europe to Australia in 1788 and started building what is now one of the World's most exciting cities. So, how long was that plane flight again?

Heading in from the airport, the first impression is bustle, energy and activity. Sydneysiders seem a happy lot, and they move quickly. The trees look almost tropical - broad leaves and obviously well watered - Sydney has a pretty high annual rainfall (1,213mm, or 47 inches) and averages about 10 rainy days a month. Rainfall and rainy days are spread evenly throughout the year. An umbrella is not a bad idea in Sydney.

To be in the thick of things, the best place to have your Sydney hotel is within a Kilometre of Circular Quay. The ferries are nearby, buses and trains leave for all parts of the city and some of the best restaurants are within walking distance.

Aerial View of Sydney
Check out the picture above and refer to a map of Sydney. You can see Circular Quay, with the Opera House on the left, the Bridge is in the centre, and the Downtown Central Business District in the top left hand corner. Darling Harbour is to the right of the CBD. The ferry to Darling Harbour from Circular Quay goes under the Bridge and loops around to the Casino, the Maritime Museum, the Aquarium and the Wildlife Sydney Zoo.

Check in to the hotel, and then check out the area.

Stay tuned as we journey around the Land Downunder for your first time... 


  1. Never thought that it always rain in Sydney, I thought it's always sunny. :)

    1. We have to have some rain to keep everything beautiful and green, right? :-)


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