Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sydney - Walk the Sydney Domain Foreshore - A First Timer's Journey

Today, let's take a walk along the foreshore path between the Sydney Opera House and Mrs Macquarie's Chair.  Get a map of Sydney and look at the area between the Opera House and the next point of land to the east - Macquarie Point.

But, what on earth is Mrs Macquarie's Chair?  Back in 1810, the wife of the Australian Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, used to like sitting out on Macquarie Point near Government House, watching the shipping in Sydney Harbour.  A bit like watching TV today. To make it more comfortable, the Governor got some Convicts to carve a chair out of the solid rock on the point.  Hence the name.  The chair is still there, and it's not any more comfortable today than it must have been then.

Macquarie Point is a great place for getting photos of the Opera House with the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind it. 

Farm Cove foreshore
Between the Opera House and Mrs Macquarie's Chair is Farm Cove. There is a great walk around Farm Cove on a foreshore path that takes about an hour return. From the Opera House, follow the foreshore east. Very scenic, great photos.  Not good in the rain, so go on a fine day. 

Leaving Macquarie Point, take the lower path between the foreshore path and Mrs Macquarie's Road and walk northwest back towards the city. You will see the high rise buildings behind the trees. This area is called The Domain, and is a very popular place for picnics, open air concerts and events.
Royal Botanical Gardens
Have a look through the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are uphill, adjacent to Downtown. You'll see some weird looking "parcels" hanging from the trees, These are Grey Headed Flying Foxes, also known as Fruit Bats - half fox (the front half) and half bat. They're not local, but have moved in and formed a colony in the Gardens.

Fruit Bats hanging from the trees
Flying Fox/Fruit Bat
With a wing span of about 1 meter (3 feet), they are grotesque. If disturbed, and near sunset, they make an unbelievable noise. They have been destroying a lot of the trees in the Gardens and the authorities are trying to remove them  Good luck with that!

After checking out the Flying Foxes and the Gardens, cross onto Macquarie Street, and walk back downhill to the Opera House.

Next Post we will head off to Bondi Beach on the Hop-on, Hop-off bus. Stay tuned.

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